Parent Information

SCHOOL HOURS: 8:20-3:20 Monday-Friday



Lunch Schedule
Grade   Recess First  Then Lunch
 2nd  10:50-11:08  11:08-11:30 
 4th  10:55-11:15   11:15-11:35
 5th  11:15-11:32  11:32-11:55
 K  11:20-11:40  11:40-12:00
 1  11:40-11:55  11:55-12:20
 3rd  11:45-12:05  12:05-12:25

Student Lunch: $2.85, Breakfast: $1.50, Milk only $0.50

**Student Meals are free during the 2021-2022 School Year

Adult Lunch: $3.80, Breakfast: $2.30

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School Improvement Team

List of objectives

Team Members:

Dr. Erik Chaussee, Heather Traynor, Nikki Frenche, Megin Falk, Dallas Wellensiek, Charlene Hale, Cameron Ludwig, Jennifer Thorndyke, Jessica Karas, Lea Coffman, Mandi Freestone, Brianna Kruhmin, David Falke, & Jennifer Christensen


The team consists of Abbott teachers and parents If you would be interested in serving on the School Improvement team, please contact Dr. Chaussee.

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