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School libraries are essential to the development of learning skills. School libraries provide equitable physical and intellectual access to the resources and tools required for learning in a warm, engaging, and safe environment. School librarians collaborate with others to provide instruction, learning strategies, and practice in using the essential learning skills needed in the 21st century.*

MPS District Library Services and School Libraries 2011

*Timberline Regional Library System (WA).

Library volunteers needed!
If available, contact Mrs. Ashford

Welcome to Mrs. Lundgren, our new library paraprofessionl!
And, congrats to Ava, Morgan, and Angela for placing in 3rd place at the Golden Sower Quiz Bowl!

Check-out Information

Students may check out materials from the Abbott Library during regular school hours, 8:35 am-3:05 pm. While some primary classes do have storytime at a scheduled time each week, the library is open for all students to return and check out books anytime. Students with over due books cannot check out new books until those items are returned. Checkout period is two weeks. Students may check out two items at one time.

Please help your child find a special place where his/her book can be kept so that it will not be damaged or lost. If the book is damaged or lost, it is our policy to charge the replacement value of the item. If the item is found, a reimbursement will be made. Please do not repair damage to a book.

Mrs. Ashford, Teacher Librarian/Tech Coordinator has been teaching at Abbott since 1991. She has degrees in Education/Library Media (BS), political science (BA) and a masters in Computers in Education. She likes reading (of course!) and has been in a book group for 30 years. She also enjoys cooking and bicycling and learning something new everyday!

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